Thursday, 17 July 2014

Nail polish collection and DIY Storage

 I always find it interesting seeing what nail polishes people have and how they store so I'm here today showing you all what I have and how I store them on this tiered stand which I made my self.
I'll start with the stand. Not all my nail polishes actually fit on the stand so I keep the rest in an empty Glossybox.

 To make this nail polish stand you will need:
~ A few old hard back covers or strong cardboard
~ Pretty wrapping paper or fabric
~ Ribbon + Buttons for decor
~ Glue gun
~ Scissors
~ Cellotape or PVA Glue for wrapping paper

 It's pretty simple to make. Cut the card board into the shape of the sides, back, bottom and platforms and glue together. Cover in fabric or paper and decorate! I found this lovely wrapping paper and ribbon in Ikea. It's also a great was to use up old hard back covers, I managed to gather loads of them from school.

Now onto my collection. It isn't huge, I only really started wearing nail polishes last year as I bite my nails (It's a terrible habit!) but wearing nail polish stops me from biting them. Since I took these photos my nail polish collection has grown by 5 thanks to the Cork blogger meetup. I also didn't include some really horrible old ones I have lying about in the bottom of my Glossybox.

I have 14 Elf Nail Polishes.  They are part of the 14-Piece Cube in "Brights". I tend to wear the subtler shades more often than the really bright ones.

Starting from left to right:
1. Elf "Skinny Jeans"
2. Elf "Mint Cream"
3. Elf "Smokin Hot"
4. Elf "Mango Madness"
5. Elf "Sunflower"

6. Elf "Lavender Mist"
7. Elf "Nude"
8. Elf "Metallic Elegance"
9. Elf "Flirty Fuchsia "
10. Elf "Electric Fuchsia"

These glitter ones don't really show up on their own on nails so I put them over the colours from the previous ones.
11. Elf "Fairy Dust"
12. Elf "Dream Maker"
13. Elf "Chic Confetti"
14. Elf "Gold Star"

I love Barry M Nail polishes! I especially love my two Gelly nail paints. And Berry Cosmo is my favourite Autumn/Winter shade (Please excuse the nail glue on this one). 

15. Barry M "Berry Cosmo"
16. Barry M Gelly Nails in "Prickly Pear"
17. Barry M Gelly Nails in "Greenberry"
18. Barry M "Teal"
19. Barry M "Foil Effects"

I can never get over the packaging of Topshop nails, pastel AND polkadot, my life is complete! "Barefoot" is a gorgeous nude, "Little White Lie" is a textured white which makes any colour look pastel (In the picture I have it over barefoot on the first one and on it's own on the second nail) and "Hat Trick" is the perfect festive colour for St. Patricks day!

20. Topshop "Barefoot"
21. Topshop "Little White lie"
22. Topshop " Hat Trick"

Onto Essence. I've had these three for a while now but I don't wear them much anymore as the formula has gone a bit gloopy but I love the pastel colours!

23. Essence Me and My Ice-cream (I'm not sure on the exact shade)
24. Essence Nude Glam in "Peach and Cream"
25. Essence Colour and Go in "That's what I mint"

I have two Bourjois and two Natural Collection nails so I put them together.

26. Bourjois "Beige Glamour"
27. Bourjois "Rouge Escarpin"
28. Natural Collection "Antique Coral"
29. Natural Collection "Champagne"

Here are the miscellaneous polishes that I only have one of.

30. Tanya Burr "Little Duck"
31. Rimmel 60 Seconds "Instyle Coral"
32. L'Oreal Colour Riche "Rouge Pin Up"
33. Orly "Hair Band"

Thanks for reading! I hope this has given someone some inspiration. Thanks to my sister for letting me use her nails (Mine are too short).



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