Sunday, 13 July 2014

Cork Blogger Meetup

 On Saturday I went to a blogger meetup in Cork organised by the two lovelies, Sarah from and Fiona from It was my first blogger event! Eventes aren't so readily available when you live in the middle of no-where, nearly 5 hours from Dublin. It was great fun meeting all the bloggers (and vloggers).

 There was three main stages to the day. It started at Lush on Oliver Plunkett Street. The window was done up with hashtags just for us!

What I wore:
Jumper ~ Missguided
Dress ~ New Look
Socks & Tights ~ Penneys/Primark
Boots ~ New Look
Necklace ~ Teanga na mBláth

In Lush we were split into groups of four and we were rotating around 5 counters with demos of different products at each station.

The first station focused around body and haircare. We looked at a few body products first including Buffy, King of Skin and Stepping Stone. We also had a go using the Sea Spray and looked at the Shampoo bars.

Our next counter was sun-care. We were given a run through of different sun care products that Lush has to offer. I have super pale skin and go bright red when exposed to the tiniest bit of sunlight so I definitely want to try the Lush range, especially because they use natural ingredients.

Next we moved on to skincare, specifically facial skin care. We were shown a few Lush cleansers and got to try them out as well as some of the fresh face masks.
Then we went to the makeup stand and got to test the many items. I loved the liquid liners and lipsticks and when we were told we were allowed to take an item home I got very excited. I went for an eyeliner in Control which is a gorgeous inky blue colour.

At the last station we made our own bath bombs! I adore Lush bath bombs so it was so much fun to make my own one. We were then all brought together and given a demonstration on how The Comforter bubble bar is made.

 Debenhams was next. First we were given a Clarins gift bag as well as cupcakes and drinks and then had some talks, one about Clarins which was really interesting and another about winning that huge hamper. The task was to take pictures of specific products at the different makeup counters we were visiting around Debenhams and upload them to Twitter with #Beautifix and #CorkMeetup. We went to some counters and had 15 minutes at each counter and were told all about certain new products in their range. Before we left we were given a huge Debenhams goodie bag and a €50 voucher to spend in store!

 We then went to Costigans on Washington Street. First we had a skincare demo by Shiseido. I love hearing all about the science behind products as well as what it does. It was really interesting and we were given a jam-packed goodie bag.

Next we had a makeup demo by Gosh. I've only used a couple products by Gosh before, I didn't really know much about the brand. The products look really nice and I definitely want to try some more in the future.

Lastly we had a showcase of MeMeMe products upstairs. MeMeMe is another brand I knew very little about. The range of products are gorgeous and I can't wait to try some out. I love the looks of the Godess Rocks and the Lip Creams.

I had such a great day and thanks so much to Lush, Debenhams, Shiseido, Gosh, MeMeMe and of course Sarah and Fiona for organising the event!

I will have another post coming soon featuring the huge amount of goodies I got throughout the day. Also sorry I don't have that many pictures, my camera is still in the process of being repaired/replaced so I'm using my iPad and the picture quality isn't great and it's awkward to keep taking out. Thanks so much for reading!



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