Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Feminine Palette by Urban Decay

Hello everyone! 
I got this Urban Decay Palette last year for my birthday and I absolutely adore it! It is perfect for nights out and parties. I have even worked it into a casual look using the lighter colours.
 I have also fallen in love with the packaging. It is so detailed and I love the roses along with the peacock feathers. Purple is also one of my favourite colours so that is a bonus.

 There are six different colours in this palette, "Stray dog", "Swf", "Midnight-Cowboy", "Aquarius", "Dark Horse" and "Ecstacy". I find that Stray dog, Swf and midnight cowboy can all be worked into casual looks as they are much lighter although they are quite glittery and sometimes a bit too much depending on what you are doing or wearing on that day.
The palette also comes with a black eye pencil in the shade "Zero". It is really easy to apply although smudges quite easily unfortunately.
 Finally, the palette comes with a traditional eyeshadow primer. I adore this and find it so useful. It keeps the eyeshadow from creasing or just going everywhere. I also love the cute little bottle. My photo isn't the best but the lid is a gorgeous metallic purple and the design is adorable.
I hope you enjoyed my post!