Wednesday, 17 December 2014

DIY Christmas Cards ~ based on Disney characters

Card-making is one thing I take pride in doing. I have always made cards instead of buying them, it's just so much more personal and fun to do! I am the designated card-maker in my family for every birthday or celebration. My card crafting skills have however improved in recent years, I moved away from sellotape and staples (yes, staples) to pretty bows and ribbons, and glue which you can't actually see (I used blue pritt stick once or twice). I'm still not the neatest when it comes to anything crafty but I guess it's just my style.

I am a bit of a grown up  Disney fan (does 17 count as no longer being a child?) and I am constantly drawing characters so I thought it would be really fun to draw all of my friends as Disney characters and put them on cards.

There is something about giving and receiving something home-made and special that makes me feel so happy.

For the pictures I chose Disney princesses (and prince) who my friends looked a little bit like and changed the hair, skin tone, eye colour, face shape etc. I found that Cinderella and Belle suited quite a few of them in terms of face shape and features. Rapunzel was also a good start for some of the hairs. I copied some of their features from pictures of my friends, its much easier that doing it from memory. It all took time but was definetely worth it!

This one for example is of my friend Rachel, this is a mixture between Princess Tiana and Rapunzel.

 For the actual cards I put the drawing on a square of nice wrapping paper and stuck it on card. Most of this wrapping paper is from IKEA. Wrapping paper is my lifesaver when it comes to any kind of crafts, its versatile, quick and doesn't require anything other than sticking it on with glue or sellotape. I used these mini ribbon bows (I have no idea what these are actually called) from Tiger as well as lace (also from Tiger) and red ribbon that I had at home to decorate.

I hope you enjoyed this craft! I want to do more crafts like this for Christmas, possibly some gift or decoration ideas.

Also, am I the only one who finds blogging in the Winter really difficult? I use natural light for photos but by the time I get back from school it is so dark I can't do anything. The only time I can actually take pictures is at the weekend but I am always super busy and even then the days are dull and grim. I only have a couple days left of school so hopefully then I will have more time during the day!




  1. We were very lucky to get these- they are so pretty and so much effort (and talent) has gone into them! <3 xx

  2. These are amazing! I should have made some of these for this year xx check out my illustrations?