Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Simple last-minute Christmas jar DIYs

Happy Christmas Eve! I know most people have decorated there house long ago but if you feel like adding to it or need some extra decorations on the table here are a three Christmas DIY's using jars.

I have so many jars lying about at home. They are so useful for crafts and storage.

My first one is a tea-light decoration using ribbon and natural sources. 

1. Get a reasonable sized jar that will fit a small candle.

2.Tie some ribbon (or lace) around the top of the jar.

3. Fill the bottom of the jar with greenery. I used Cedar leaves that I picked up in the woods but you can even use clippings off a Christmas tree.

4. On the ribbon I attached some small pine cones and holly berries that I also picked up in the woods.

5. Drop in a candle and there you go! You can also use an electronic candle to be extra safe. Make sure the leaves don't get in the way of the flame.

The second craft is made using ready to roll icing but you can use plasticine as well. It is a miniature snow globe. 

1. Take a jar although you can just make it using the lid as a little scene instead of a snow globe.

2. But white icing/plasticine on the lid of the jar leaving room for the top to screw on if using.

3. Start making the snow-man and use a cocktail stick to keep it together.

4. Decorate the snow-man with more icing/plasticine and a black pen for the eyes, mouth and buttons.

5. Dust it with sugar and icing sugar or fake snow if you have any.

6. Put the top on if you are using it and shake it up. You can also fill it with water to make it a real snow globe. This would be quite fun to make with kids.

The last DIY is really simple. It just requires more pine leaves, holly and other greenery.

1. Get another jar.

2. Fill it a small bit with either fake snow, sugar or salt.

3. What I did here was add some bits of old tinsel and a couple pine and ceder needles.

4. Now you can start adding bits of pine, cedar, fir, heather, holly, anything you can find to put in the jar.

They look really nice on there own or you can add some pine cones or other Christmas decorations like I did.

Thanks for reading and have a very merry Christmas!
Lots of love,



  1. Oooh those are so cute! I love how the bottom one looks on the mantel. I wish I had done more Christmas DIYs on my blog, but it was just too cold! I did do a glitter mason jar DIY post a while back. (I know, the ultimate basic girl DIY) Jar crafts are super simple, but they come out so pretty!

  2. Awh Étáin, these are so cute! Had I the willpower I may have made something for my parents... but I didn't... ah well, I helped them round the house :P xx