Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Polkadot Jeans

I love polkadots. This is probably due to my friend Sorcha who adores (And that's an understatement) polkadots. When you spend enough time with her you can't help but love them too.

I found these jeans in H&M last year and I love them. They aren't super skinny so I normally wear them rolled up.

I paired it with white and light pink, it makes the jeans stand out. I only realised afterwards that the rest of this outfit is purely Primark (Or Penneys in Ireland).

 Jeans ~ H&M
Shoes ~ Primark/Penneys

 Cream cami ~ Primark/Penneys
Lace crop top ~ Primark/Penneys

 Rings ~Primark/Pennneys
Nail polish ~ Rimmel 60 Seconds in "Instyle Coral"

 Thanks so much to my friend Rachel for taking the photos and letting us use her garden and surrounding area for pictures.

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Favourite spring nail polish

 I don't own a lot of nail polish, mainly due to my short and bitten fingernails. Still, I love wearing it. Here are my four favourite Spring/Summer colours. I would like to add some paler pastels to my collection too.

 Lets start with my favourite nude colour. This is "Barefoot" by Topshop. Topshop nail polishes are gorgeous! Even the packaging just makes me want to own more, I only own one. This is great for day-to-day and if it chips, you are less likely to notice it.

 Next is one of Tanya Burr's new makeup collection. This is the shade "Little Duck". I bought in from Feel Unique. I love the colour so much, it's a perfect bright for spring.

 Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Prickly Pear. I love the Gelly Hi-Shines, they have such a nice finish, even if you have to be extra careful not to do anything while they are drying. I'm dying to get my hands on the three new shades that were recently released, they are all so gorgeous!

I bought this Rimmel London 60 Seconds in "Instyle Coral"  last Autumn but it's not really an Autumn/Winter colour, so I didn't really wear it until a few weeks ago. It's bright and pretty and would look lovely with a tan (If I could ever tan).

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Bright Spring/Summer makeup

I'm back! ...Again. I haven't written a blog post in weeks, I was so busy the week before last because I had a German exchange student at my house and last week I had blogger's block. I don't want to write just for the sake of it. Quality over quantity!

Ignore my all-over-the-place hair, I put in a flower hairband to make it look a bit tidier but it didn't help. 

Now, down to business! The last week has been glorious weather and it felt like summer, so yesterday I put on a bright lip and simple eye-makeup. Unfortunately as I am writing this it's raining buckets and the wind is making my house shake. The joys of Irish weather! I thought I'd put it up anyway.

In the summer I love wearing simple eye-makeup. Putting on lots of makeup is such a hassle! I'm just wearing concealer, liquid liner and mascara. 

I rarely wear face makeup anyway, especially in the summer. Just concealer.

Products used:
Maybelline Falsies Mascara ~ This is one of my favourite mascaras, I also love the packaging.
Collection Lasting perfection concealer ~ I practically worship this concealer, along with most of the blogging community. It's running low though and I won't be able to get another for a while as my nearest Boots is two hours away!
Essence Eye Liner pen ~ This is just something I am trying out, I can never find a liquid eye-liner pen that I am actually happy with. This one tends to smudge easily.
NV Chunky Lip Crayon in "Kinky Pink" ~ I got this in my February Glossybox. It's such a lovely colour, not something I would normally wear but this is so perfect for summer.
Naked Basics palette ~ I used a bit of Naked 2 for my eye-brows.

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

DIY/Upcycled Flower Crown

Another DIY! I need to do something different but I just find myself doing DIYs anyway so why not share them!

I found this old flower crown that was my sisters. Most of the flowers had fallen off and there was only one daisy left. 
I gathered some real daisies and did it up! It's really simple.

~1 old flower crown/ flower crown that you want to change 
~Daisies (Or any other small flower)
~Thin wire[optional]

 1. If there are any loose areas in the wire or paper around the wire try to attach the daisies. Make it so it's easy to take them out again to replace them when they die.

 2. I don't know about all flower crowns but this one has little green spiky things where the flowers were originally attached. As the artificial flowers have fallen off these are great for attaching the daisy heads.

 3. Break off the daisy stems and put the flower heads on the spikes.

 4. Repeat this process.

 5. Attach the artificial stems to the crown using thin wire or just slot them in where they were before.

Voila! A beautiful flower crown! Perfect for Spring and Summer. Because they are real daisies they look much nicer and daisies are everywhere so very easy to replace when they die.

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

March Favourites!

It's April! Hooray it finally feels (a bit) like Spring! Sorry for not posting in a few days, I've been busy. Anyway here's what I have been loving this March, Fashion and Beauty!

There has been a lot but some of it has been over the last few months as well, so I suppose it's more like a current favourites blog post.

First is the Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay. I got this last month and featured it here. I've been loving the shade Naked 2 as it's matte and it's my perfect eye-brow colour.

Rings. I've never really been a jewellery person but I really want to get into rings. They can really complete an outfit! These three are from Primark/Penneys, which I know isn't the best quality but I don't wear them that often but they are pretty.

I love using hand creams. I get chapped hands all year round because I have naturally dry skin so I'm always looking for new hand creams. These are my current two favourites, Soap and Glory Hand Food and Rituals Miracle Balm.

 Everyone raves about the Babylips by Maybelline and I've tagged along in the trend. I only own two (Peach Kiss and Cherry Me) and I've been loving Cherry Me recently because of the colour, it's great for school and day-to-day use.

This the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye-shadow stick. Again this is really useful for school as it is quick to put on and simple and March was basically just school. I used this in a makeup look here.

Next are the Barry M Gelly Hi-shine Nail Paints in Green Berry and Prickly Pear. Because it's Spring it's finally time to move away from dark and berry colours and towards bright and pastel colours. I really like the Gelly Hi-Shines even though you need a lot of patience when they are drying which a a bit annoying.
The sun had made an entrance so we can start wearing sunglasses again! These are from Primark/
Recently I've gotten into reading Company magazine. I just love the whole design of it and the way it relates so much to the fashion and beauty blogging/vlogging community. It also looks gorgeous!

And last but not least I could not leave out these shoes! I love them so much! They are from New Look but I talk more about them here.

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