Sunday, 6 April 2014

DIY/Upcycled Flower Crown

Another DIY! I need to do something different but I just find myself doing DIYs anyway so why not share them!

I found this old flower crown that was my sisters. Most of the flowers had fallen off and there was only one daisy left. 
I gathered some real daisies and did it up! It's really simple.

~1 old flower crown/ flower crown that you want to change 
~Daisies (Or any other small flower)
~Thin wire[optional]

 1. If there are any loose areas in the wire or paper around the wire try to attach the daisies. Make it so it's easy to take them out again to replace them when they die.

 2. I don't know about all flower crowns but this one has little green spiky things where the flowers were originally attached. As the artificial flowers have fallen off these are great for attaching the daisy heads.

 3. Break off the daisy stems and put the flower heads on the spikes.

 4. Repeat this process.

 5. Attach the artificial stems to the crown using thin wire or just slot them in where they were before.

Voila! A beautiful flower crown! Perfect for Spring and Summer. Because they are real daisies they look much nicer and daisies are everywhere so very easy to replace when they die.

Thanks for reading!



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