Monday, 25 August 2014

DIY Birthday Card Ideas

Ever since I was very young I have made birthday cards. I would always make birthday cards instead of buying them, I think it's just more personal and I love being creative. When I was younger they were rubbish, full of glue, sellotape and even staples once! I lacked the element of neatness and simplicity. Now however my card-making skills has improved greatly (With a little help from Pinterest). Here are three DIY birthday card ideas, using buttons, ribbons and a black pen.

 I got the owl design from this one off Pinterest, I can't remember who the pinner was though.I used a fine black marker for the design and writing and found the ribbon and button lying about in my house for the bottom bit. Twirly writing generally looks good and use a font in Microsoft Word for ideas.

 For this card I used little bits of ribbons, cut into triangles for the bunting. I never really buy fabric ribbons as I normally have some from gifts or else you could use fabric from old clothes. I also added two buttons I had at home.

This last one just has three simple buttons in the middle, I drew in some string to make them look like balloons and chose another font for make the lovely writing.



I also took a short break from blogging over the last week or so while I was in England but I'm getting back into normal school routine so we will just see how it goes.