Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Sunset and lightning storms ~ OOTD

A while back I did a blog photo-shoot with friend Rachel. I still have a couple more outfit posts to put up. This was the last one we did just as the sun was setting. The sunset was spectacular! This was also the day of a crazy fork-lighting storm across the whole of southern Ireland and England and we kept hearing thunder. Shortly after these photos were taken the sky erupted with fork lightning for hours. It was pretty amazing watching it. We seem to be having a lot of freak weather lately in Ireland, but then again we always seem to.

 Here is the outfit. It is a quite simple mild summer day/evening outfit. It has my usual collared shirt and pastels.

Top ~ Charity shop (Primark)
Skirt ~ Topshop
Boots ~ New Look
Tights ~ Probably Penneys/Primark
Necklace ~ Unknown

The pastel ice-cream print top was from a charity shop in Sheffield although it is originally from Primark. The skirt I bought last year from Topshop and I adore it, I do tend to wear it with tights though as it blows up with the slightest bit of wind. I paired this with my New Look boots. I also wore a half-heart friendship necklace I share with my friend Sorcha who lives in England, I'm not sure where it is from.

I went to Summer in the City last weekend and it was amazing! I will have a post coming and it has really inspired me! (I might secretly have plans to set up a YouTube channel soon but shhhhh!)



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