Sunday, 8 February 2015

OOTD - "It's Time"

 An outfit of the day for you peeps! It's a strange mix between grunge and prep which seems to be pretty day-to-day for me. I have no idea what my style would actually be if I were to put it into words because it is constantly changing.

Also beware for a bit of blabbering in this post.

I've had a lot of thinking time recently and I've been feeling really down and frustrated with myself. I am determine to try and be better and do the best I can with things. For me best cure for sadness is music. "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons is one of my favourite feel-good songs.

Events of the last few days have really made me want to be more confident. Being shy really holds my back and it's one thing I hate about myself. I wish I was able to just put myself out there without worrying about what people will think of me. Being shy is like a fear of failure, a fear of saying the wrong thing and messing up. It's incredibly frustrating because most of the time my mind is buzzing with things I want to say but can't. It's like someone zipped my lips together and then anything I do say is all crooked and wrong. I often rehearse what I want to say but then end up saying something  that doesn't even make sense. It even comes out in things I am writing making me absolutely shoddy at English.

 Spring is coming!

Back to the outfit! The jeans are from Only and were a fabulous bargain at only €10 in the sale! I've been dying for a black acid wash pair of jeans like these for ages and these are perfect!  I never normally wear jeans because they tend to be really uncomfortable but these are so nice.

I went all out with the accessories in this outfit. Most of the bands were either free at events or gifts so I'm not sure where they are from. As for the rings, the blue one was from a vintage market in London and the others are Penneys and H&M.

The cardigan and shirt are both from Penneys/Primark.

The shoes are my trusty New Look boots which I wear all the time.  The necklace was a gift from my friend Sorcha.

Shoes - New Look
Jeans -  Only
Cardigan - Penneys/Primark
Shirt - Penneys/Primark
Rings - H&M and Penneys
Earrings - Penneys/Primark. 

 One more thing, I did a 2015 bucket list a few weeks ago and recently I found one I made last year. I was actually really happy that I completed everything on it even though most of the things were Harry Potter and Sherlock related:

My dogs are such photo-bombers!

    1. Visit 221b Baker Street  - I did this in November. I love being able to say that I was there even though it wasn't actually that amazing.
      2. Visit the Harry Potter Studios - I did this back in August. Best. Day. Ever! Definitely worth the visit for any Potterheads out there! I did a blog post about it here.
    3.  Go to Summer In the City -This was such an incredible experience! I am going again this year and can't wait! I also did a post about this.

     4.  Go to Platform 9 and 3/4 in Kings Cross station - I saw it... and the  queue behind it and decided not to go up to the half-a-trolly-glued-to-a-wall-with-a-guy-giving-out-scarves-for-a-photo. It was pretty rubbish, I mean it wasn't even between platform 9 and 10!

    5. Visit more places - I went to England in February to visit family, I went to Spain in June to visit my adorable friend Sofia, England again in August and again in November for my London trip. I can't wait to see more of the world this year.

 I saw this adorable little bird while taking these pictures, he didn't even seem to mind having his photo taken either.

I chatted a lot in this post, sorry. It kind of turned into an update post. Thanks for reading! I hope you liked the outfit!



P.S what are your favourite feel-good uplifting songs?


  1. i love this grunge yet girly style(: love the boots<3

    feel good songs?? anything ellie goulding or olly murs, in this time i'm obsessed with them(:

    xx from Italy
    Cate // kate/idoscope | youtube

    1. Thank you! :) I like Ellie Goulding too

  2. Hi lovely! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award !

  3. I love the boots and the jeans! My feelgood music is anything by Queen or Lady Gaga's jazz album. (: x