Wednesday, 28 January 2015

OOTD: A sunny day in January

I'm back again with another outfit from last week when it stopped raining/snowing/hailing and the sun came out. I was able to go outside without wearing four layers of clothing. Today however I was caught out in a hail storm on my way back from school and I had to shelter behind my schoolbag in the middle of the road. It was a funny sight. I was also wearing nylon tights and now have hundreds of little red dots on my legs. Most of January has been like this. It's not even that cold, it's just constantly miserable.
Most people say that talking about the weather is only used when you have nothing else to say but it seems like in Ireland we are constantly talking about it. It's either cold and wet and everyone's complaining or warm and wet and everyone's complaining. I like the way it's so unpredictable sometimes, it makes life that little bit more exciting than it was before. The sound of a howling storm outside and the tip-tapping of the rain rocks me to sleep at night. Still, I do love a bit of sunshine.

I wear this kind of outfit most days when I don't have school. It's so comfy and warm. I love wearing slouchy jumpers and cardigans like this one, which I found in Forever 21 the other day. It was €20 I believe, also I like the way it is red with blue bits of thread.

My dogs saw a bird and got excited. They love being in the camera.

The necklace is an old pocket watch on a chain, the watch doesn't work anymore but I like wearing it. The shorts are from Zara and the top is a simple top from Penneys.

Cardigan - Forever 21
Shorts - Zara
Top - Penneys
Socks - Penneys
Shoes - Schuh
Necklace - (Old)

I wish I got more shots of the outfit, especially some close-ups but unfortunately I stupidly forgot to charge it and it ran out of power. The shoes are my wonderful Rocket Dog shoes from Schuh which are my school shoes but I wear them all the time anyway. Black socks over tights have a lovely look.

I hope you enjoyed my post and have a lovely evening! I shall be drifting off to the sound of rain hammering against my window!