Thursday, 10 July 2014

M.A.C Chatterbox - My first MAC Lipstick

  On my way to Spain, I decided to go ahead and make my first ever M.A.C purchase in duty-free! I went for the obvious choice of a lipstick. I recently started wearing more bright colours as it's summer and I wanted an amplified one. I did about 20 swatches and my hand and arm looked like a 5 year old got carried away and in the end was stuck between Girl About Town and Chatterbox. I went for Chatterbox in the end as it was the more subtly option.

It's such a gorgeous colour! I've worn it a few times (I know I should have taken pictures before I used it but I didn't have a camera and I couldn't resist) and I'm already addicted and want to buy more MAC lipsticks but I'm trying to save money at the moment.

Also who could resist the packaging, which looks so nice even though the top is a little inconvenient when it comes to storage. 

My camera is being replaced at the moment so I'm using my iPad to take these photos. I wanted to take a picture of the lipstick on as well but the iPad wouldn't focus so I couldn't. Thanks for reading!



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