Thursday, 15 May 2014

OOTD: Freedom of Summer

 I feel like all I do on here is talk about Summer. I'm doing it again sorry.
I have finally finished Transition Year and it's my summer holidays! I do have two weeks of work experience but it's not really school so it doesn't count.
I now have a lot of freedom and that it probably the best thing about summer, along with the slightly warmer weather. Hopefully I will also have more time to post and have now decided to post every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (This may vary a little).

Shorts ~ New Look
Leggings ~ Primark/Penneys
Jumper ~ New Look

It's still not warm enough to go bare-legs, so leggings or tights as usual. Like most of my posts this outfit is predominantly Primark and New Look.

 Sunglasses ~ Primark/Penneys
Hat ~ Primark/Penneys
Shirt ~ Primark/Penneys

 Shoes ~ New Look
Socks ~ Primark/Penneys

Thanks so much to the lovely Rachel for taking the photos.

And thanks for reading!




  1. Such a cute outfit...I'm constantly talking about summer on my blog right now too, I'm getting far too excited! :) Lovely blog, I've followed you back on Bloglovin :) x


    1. Summer is my favourite time of year! Thanks xxx