Friday, 2 May 2014

E.L.F Haul

 Through twitter I came across Beauty Crowd. I started watching their YouTube livestreams and I love them. They teach you so much about beauty and blogging, especially about blog photography which is very handy when you are a newbie. I got involved in their twitter question competition and won an E.L.F nail polish set of my choice.

I chose the 14-piece cube set in "Colour Brights" as it is nearing summer and the colour selection is amazing.

I don't own a lot of nail polishes but now my collection has grown quite a bit.

In parcel there were also two extra E.L.F items, a lipgloss and an eye-shadow.

This is their Super Glossy Lip Shine with SPF 15 in Candlelight. I have super pale skin and get sunburned really. SPF lipgloss is really good in the summer because your lips can get sunburned as well.

 This E.L.F's Mineral Eyeshadow in "Wild". It's really pretty and I can't wait to try it out.

Thanks so much again to Beauty Crowd!



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