Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mid-term outfit #4

I'm back with another mid-term OOTD! All these looks were from when I was staying in England for a week so I brought minimal clothes with me, the jumper and shoes were also in another one. Enjoy!

Jumper ~ New look 
Shorts ~ Zara
Black Hoodie ~ Primark/Penneys (£5.90)
Shoes ~ Converse (Car boot sale €5)

 These are the same shoes I wore in outfit #1. I only brought two pairs of shoes with me (I was very proud of that because normally I bring 5 pairs for a weekend away).
I'm a bit ill at the moment so I'm sorry about the lack of posts the last two days and the really short post today. I want to make a proper upload schedule soon and I also want to put up some DIY posts I've been planning.



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