Wednesday, 19 March 2014

DIY: Notice board

 So today I am doing another DIY post! Just like my first DIY I made this one a while ago. It's great for photos, reminders or postcards.
It follows a similar technique to my last DIY Jewellery organiser post here.

~Thick cardboard
~Cushions or teddy-bear stuffing
~Fabric the same size as the cardboard
~Stapler (optional)
~Needle and thread
~7 buttons

1. Using the same method as this DIY, attach the fabric to the cardboard using masking or duct tape with a thin layer of stuffing in between. 
2. Place the ribbons over the board, crossing over the other ribbons at an angle. At the point of intersections of the ribbons, staple or sew the ribbons through the fabric and the board to keep the stuffing in place.
 3. Sew on buttons onto the ribbon intersection. The ones I am using are spares from a coat I used to have.

4. Attach a ribbon or hook the the back of it to hang it up to put it on top of a desk or bookshelf like me.

I keep it on top of my bookshelf next to my china-doll collection (don't ask).

Hope you liked it!



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