Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Sunny Sunday OOTD

 In the middle of all these rainy and foggy days there was a wonderful day that made me so excited for summer (I am always excited for summer). It was a perfect day for a quick walk to the sea and outfit photos!

 I based the outfit around the shoes which I have been wanting for so long and I was in New Look on Wednesday and they were on sale in a size 3 (I'm actually a 4 but they are a big fit). I've been dying to do an outfit post for them for so long.

Shoes ~ New Look (In sale €22)
Socks ~ New Look

Shorts ~ New Look 
Tank top ~ Tesco  

Shirt ~ Primark/Penneys

  Sunglasses ~ Primark/Penneys
Earrings ~ Primark/Penneys

 Necklace ~ River Island
 One useful thing about living in the middle of nowhere on the bottom tip of Ireland is that there is great scenery for outfit posts!

Spot the dog ^

I want to try and post more often and on regular days of the week from now on.

Thanks for reading!



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