Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Favourite Autumn nails

 Summer is over, school has begun and Autumn is once again upon us. The really don't like the thought of cold mornings getting up for school or it being dark at 5 but I do love the dark colours and layered clothes as well as cosy Sunday evenings watching Downton Abbey on the sofa. Those are the days!Here are my favourite Autumn nail polish colours this year.

A red polish is essential for Autumn. This Bourjois one in "Rouge Escarpin" is great! Just like red leaves falling off a tree.

I just love this berry colour. It's just such a lovely shade of purple. Barry M in "Berry Cosmo".

Next on my favourites this year is Elf's "Skinny Jeans"*. It's a gorgeous dark blue shade, it's even darker on the nails.

Here I have another Barry M one in "Foil Effects". This one is great for both Autumn and Winter as the cold foil-like effect really reminds me of Christmas. 

And last is Paese "348"*. This teal colour can be both a Spring/Summer and an Autmn/Winter colour. It's sort of half way between a mint and a teal and I love pastels so I don't totally want to cut them out of my life.

Apologies it took so long for a new post, I forgot how much of a hassle school can be. I also got a new camera and it's great, I can't wait to do some look books.




  1. i really love that barry m shade it is beautiful, i can't wait for autumn it is my favourite season :) can i ask what new camera did you get because i'm looking for one for my blog photos :) x

  2. Hi! I really enjoy your blog, so I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Here's the post for the rest of the information <3