Thursday, 4 September 2014

England Haul 2014

I was in different parts of England for pretty much the whole of August and I managed to pick up a few clothing bits and bobs. Here's what I bought:

First was Primark which I browsed in a couple different places. I bought these shoes which are right up my street, cute and doll-like double strap t-bars. I love them! They are quite similar to my red ones.

 Next is this fabulous Midi Skirt also from Primark. I love the monochrome pattern and it's got a small slit at the side.

Next from Primark I picked up this simple polkadot vest top because I love polkadots so much!!

I have a severe weakness for frilly socks. They are so cute! And they go great with ankle boots or my dolly shoes. The navy pair is from Primark and the mint is from New Look.

 While browsing the New Look sales I came across this gorgeous denim jacket for only £10! It's a size 12 but I think it's really nice oversized.

I have mentioned before that I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to films, books and TV series'. Ever since I was little I have adored Harry Potter so I couldn't resist this Hogwarts t-shirt in New Look. I wore it to the Harry Potter Studios in London (Post here).

Whenever I go to Sheffield I always go to charity shops because they are just so good there, way better than the tiny ones near! I picked up three items, a simple floral vest top, a pint tartan dress (Originally Primark) andthis black and while dress (Also originally Primark). It's amazing what you can find in charity shops!

At Summer In The City I bought this Dan and Phil T-shirt after standing in the rain for three hours outside.

It was also my birthday while I was over there and my lovely brother bought me this top from Brick Lane in London, I love the lollipops, they are so cute! (I have overused the word cute in this post).

I picked up these circle sunglasses, also from New Look (I'm a New Look addict). They are sort of tiger print style. 

And last of all is a Harry Potter Studios wand! I mentioned it in this post so check it out.

I'm bought some other bits and pieces but not really blog worthy and I don't like the idea of birthday hauls (I just showed the top). I hope you like the post! I'm trying to post more often but the schedule is still up side down.
Until the next time,




  1. Seriously cute! (Now I'm using it too). I love the socks and shoes especially, right up your street! :) xx

  2. I love the doll shoes, they're so cute!x