Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Spring/Summer Fashion Wishlist 2014

Oooo I'm on a roll!
I can't wait for the warm(ish) weather to arrive and I can wear summery clothes again! 
I made a simple wishlist of fashion items I want this year ( I had to cut it down a bit). 


Black Strappy Wedges - New Look, €24.99
I am a (very) small person but I have weird arched feet so I can't wear a lot of heels. I really want a pair of wedged sandals that give you height without the pain. New Look are good for shoes and I spotted these a little while ago. They are just perfect!

 River Island Midi Skirt - ASOS, €39.33
I love 50s fashion and long skirts. Maxi skirts make me look smaller than I am. I also love the spring colour of this skirt.

Acid Wash Denim Playsuit - New Look, €29.99
I wear shorts all the time no matter what season (with tights) and jumpsuits are so pretty c: I buy a lot of my clothes from New Look because its not too expensive and I really love their clothes.

 Knitted Curve Hem Crop Jumper -Topshop, £36/€45 
 I don't live in the Mediterranean so jumpers are still very important in the Summer. Baby blue ones just make it more summery. I have been eying  up this jumper every time I go into Topshop. I need to save up because it's gorgeous! 

Black Lace up Boots - New look, £29.99/€39.99 
Not really very Spring/Summer I know but black chunky boots go with almost every outfit and they are more practical than flip-flops. 

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