Thursday, 27 February 2014

February Glossybox 2014

For Christmas I got a 3 month subscription to Glossybox. This is my third and final month of the subscription but definitely my favourite!

 This is the Glossybox Valentine's Day special and it's just so pretty! One of my favourite things about Glossybox is the boxes!
When I opened it, the first thing I saw was the big Lindt Lindor bar.

 I tried to refrain from eating it until after this post but it didn't really work very well. This was a lovely little bonus to find!

The next item is Nougat London Sparkling Body Shimmer. I've never used body shimmer of any type before but I might try it for the summer.

Next is a set of shampoo and conditioner by H2K Skincare. I haven't used them yet although I might use them the next time I go away as they are travel sized.

 Next is a Maybelline Product. It's the Master Kajal khol liner in black. I have found it really easy to put on although it smudges easily and didn't last the day. Not my favourite product of the box.

I was really happy when I saw this. I don't own any lip crayons although I have been after the Borjoux lip crayons for a while. I also tend to wear either bright orange-reds or peach lips and I was to try a bright pink to go out of comfort zone a little.

And last but not least is a back-combing brush by Sleep-In Rollers. I tend to just use a normal brush or comb to give my hair volume because I don't have a backcombing brush but I'm excited to try this. It's also wood which is much nicer than a terrible plastic one you might get in Penneys.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!



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