Monday, 23 March 2015

OOTD: Spring is here!

Saturday was one of the first days this year that I could wander outside with just a t-shirt and not freeze. Birds are chirping, daffodils and bluebells are blooming, leaving a lovely freshness in the air.  Spring has finally arrived.

My favourite thing about Spring is the flowers. With flowers come spring floral patterns and pastels! In Autumn and Winter I wear black and dark colours nearly everyday but the moment spring arrives I switch back to pastel florals and whites.

It was such a beautiful day when I took these pictures!

I recently bought a pair of 1950's inspired cigarette trousers from Missguided. I've been looking for a pair for ages, inspired by the late 50's fashion of Call the Midwife as well as icons such as Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.The trousers are perfect for Spring/Summer as they are light and really comfortable as well as being a lovely shade of baby blue!

I have also been loving Rimmel's Provocalips which is so bright and lasts so long!

Short people problems - having to roll up trousers about five times.

The trousers also came with this black belt which really completes them.

I was given this adorable elephant bracelet at the #CorkBlogMeet15. It's by Daisy-Mae Jewellery and it's so pretty! I've been really keen on dainty jewellery recently.

I bought these boots in a New Look sale recently. They are really nice and comfortable and also have a nice wedge which is great if you are as small as me for that extra bit of height.

Top ~ Unkown (old) 
Boots ~ New Look
Socks ~ New Look
Necklace ~ Teanga na mBláth
Ring ~ Unknown (old)

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!




  1. You are looking mighty fine girl! ;0 And so are those daffodils. #TrouserEnvy

    You've got me contemplating about my fashion blog again.... you little minx, you :D