Tuesday, 7 October 2014

OOTD ~ Midnight epiphanies

Recently I've been feeling drained, with no energy and no ideas. Personally I blame school. The other night while trying to get to sleep later than I should be on a school night my mind was suddenly full of ideas. This often happens to me but mainly in the Summer and leaves me with a buzzing feeling the next day even if I can't remember everything. Anyone else get this?

Anyway back to the outfit. I seriously love wearing maroon in Autumn and this is one of my favourite jumpers. The outfit is simple yet I really like how it turned out. Casual yet slightly formal with the wedges.

The jumper itself is from New Look, I bought it last Winter while Christmas shopping.

Boots ~ Penneys/Primark
Legwarmers ~ I actually have no idea I've had these for ages.

Skirt ~ I bought it in an independent shop which is now closed.
Jumper ~ New Look
tights ~ Probably Penneys/Primark.

Thank you to Fionnula and Rachel for the pictures.

Exciting things to come!




  1. Such a cute outfit :)
    Hope you can check out my blog,thanks xoxo

  2. Lovely outfit Etain! :) I have nominated you for the 20 Things You Might Not Know About Me Tag- come on over to my blog and I'll show you how it's done ;) xx